Simple and Easy Way to Plan for a Destination Wedding

Simple and Easy Way to Plan for a Destination Wedding

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  • On : Jul 16, 2015

Sometimes planning for a wedding in your home country may be even more difficult and complicated, than doing so with a destination wedding. For a start, you need not feel obligated to invite relatives, who are not close to you or have not seen you since you were very young, of friends who have lost contact for many years and have not bothered to keep the relationship close. You get to keep a short guest list and only invited the people who really matter to you. This helps you to save money and not worry about catering to hundreds of people. Having a wedding abroad can be easy and simple but you would need to know-hows to go about doing it. Here we share some of the most important aspects:

Hiring a Wedding Planner
To make things simple, it might be easier to hire a wedding planner to take care and organise everything while you basically relax and focus one looking great for your big day. It saves you from the stress of micromanaging the little details involved. It is important to pick a right wedding planner who is specialised in destination weddings. They would have the experience and know exactly what to do to ensure that things progress smoothly without a hitch.

Getting the Right Timing
Ensure that you choose the right timing is extremely important for a destination wedding. Be sure to avoid going during peak times, but you would also like to ensure that the wedding is going to possible on the chose dates. Of course you would not like to get married on the beach during the monsoon season! You may also find that some vendors and suppliers might not be available if you chose a wrong time.

Make a Planning Trip at Least Once
You wouldn’t want to end up with a situation of travelling blindly to this place just a few days before your wedding. Make a trip down at least once, so you are able to speak to the different vendors and decide on the most suitable to best run your show. You can engage caterers, and people like Lion City Limo’s wedding car rental service. To ensure that you know exactly what you need to get done, keep a checklist of the things to do and the people you have to speak to.

Local Marriage Requirements
Do a proper research on the local marriage requirements to avoid unforeseen circumstances and surprises. Some countries may require you to have stayed in the country for a certain amount of time before exchanging your vows, so make sure you follow the requirements and there should not be any problems.

Dress for the Climate
If the place you are getting married in is a very hot country, you might want to avoid wearing one of those huge princess dresses with tons of layers. Consider the climate while choosing the appropriate dress, like for example a shorter and lighter dress, so as to avoid melting while you exchange your vows.

Relax and Enjoy
It actually a lot more relaxed getting married abroad as compared to getting married at home. In order to achieve this you have to relax too! The supplier might not necessarily be incompetent, they are taking their time to ensure that your guests and everyone have a great time too. Nobody wants to see an episode of Bridezilla!