Guide To Hiring The Perfect Limousine Service For Your Dream Wedding Day

Guide To Hiring The Perfect Limousine Service For Your Dream Wedding Day

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  • On : Mar 19, 2015

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1. Day Schedule
While you may want to hire a wedding planner in Singapore to have everything organized for you and plan all the little details to ensure your big day goes smoothly, you might still have to map out how your day is going to flow. For example, will you be getting your hair and make up done first or even going to have a first look at your wedding venue? If you need help in gauging how much time will be needed, you got to check with your wedding planner as they will know the best. Be sure to include some buffer time in your schedule in case of any one showing up late or even unexpected delays.

Once you have planned your schedule, you can start your search for the perfect wedding car rental services in Singapore either from Google or through recommendations from your trusted network of family and friends. A good time frame of 4 to 6 months in advance is recommended, as you would want to avoid any possible last minute mishaps in securing a wedding car.

2. Is the service within your budget?
Your financial budget is the most important factor in determining what range of car you can book. Most companies usually charge for a minimum of three to four hours ranging from $50 to $300 per hour, depending on the type of vehicle.

Tip: Most limousine companies are able to offer packages if you are intending to ferry your bridesmaids, family members or friends. This can help you save more money, do check out what different companies offer before making a decision.

3. Confirmation Email / Invoices
Now that you have decided what your transportation needs are and have a better idea of the service fees charged by the wedding limousine services, do not forget about the important documents! Get a digital or written agreement that includes the terms of service, total cost, deposits required, refund policies, pick up and drop off times, type of vehicle rented, rate per hour, and the total package cost. Then you can rest assured that your transportation needs for your big wedding day is covered. Before signing all documents, remember to check about “all inclusive pricing” as some limousine companies have extra charges such as fuel or even parking fees.

4. Tie Down Your Schedule
Now that you have your transportation ready, email or call your transportation company with all the places and drop off point you have planned. Your wedding chauffeur will be able to plan the perfect route for you to ensure you arrive at your destination on time. Even in the event of heavy traffic, with their experience they will provide you with alternative routes to reach your destination on time.

5. Choose Your Vehicle.
What kind of vehicle do you want? Something more vintage? Or something more stylish like a Ferrari or a Bentley? With so many wide range of cars to choose from, you might be spoiled for choice. However, most popular choice among couples are always limousine such as Bentley or Mercedes as they can provide you with the comfort and luxury and your bride won’t be worried about wearing her gown in a tight and small car.