Popular Types of Wedding Cars & Decoration Styles

Popular Types of Wedding Cars & Decoration Styles

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  • On : Sep 10, 2015

Just as there is a variety of designs for wedding gowns and wedding cakes that couples love to choose from, there is also a myriad number of styles to decorate wedding cars. Here are a few:

1. Vintage Wedding Car with Subtle Flower Bouquets.

For lovers of everything vintage and ‘hipster’ with a subtle touch of elegance in the form of flower bouquets.


2. Open Top Car with Flower Bouquets.

Suitable for the bride who wants to do the traditional throwing of the flower bouquet after leaving the wedding venue. Also great for couples who want to enjoy the wind while driving away.

Open Top Wedding Car

3. Wedding Car with Trailing Tin Cans.

This is a long-standing tradition. Usually goes well with vintage classic cars like Volkswagen Beetle. This tradition has its roots from France in the 1600s and was brought to America until the 20th century, with some couples still observing it.

Wedding Car with Trailing Tin Cans

4. Wedding Car with Trailing Helium Balloons.

This goes great with open top cars but also suitable for ordinary closed top cars. A favourite among the kids and best for those who love a bit more colour on their wedding day as the balloons typically come in a myriad of rainbow and other assorted ice cream colours.

Wedding Car with Balloons

5. Wedding Car with Long Ribbons and Flower Bouquets.

For couples who want an elegant traditional yet modern look for their wedding limousine.


6. Wedding Car with Subtle Flower Bouquets.

For couples who don’t want to scream “over the top” too much and prefer a subtle yet elegant look for their bridal limousine.

Wedding Car With Subtle Flower Bouquets

When looking for a service to hire a wedding car in Singapore, discuss with the vendor on the available decoration options that they have, and whether or not they are open to your suggestions on how to decorate your wedding chariot.